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Tailgating In Style  

By Co Founder Neil Rooney

There are many ways to have fun and enjoy your weekends but few match the shear ridiculous but innovative sports outing known as the tailgate. If you have never attended a tailgating party before you are certainly missing out one of sports unique events.  There are few things in life that combine friends, family, food, drinks, music and sports into one fantastic mishmash of fun. 

The roots of tailgating can be traced back to many areas but for sure one event that helped launch the modern event happened in 1861 at the battle of Bull Run where civilians arrived with food to cheer on their hero’s and watch the battle play out. This precursor does not bear much of a resemblance to the modern tailgate party but it had to start somewhere. Today’s version of tailgating still requires food and cheering but there are several other staples that are necessary to make the party a success as well.

First and foremost you have to establish a home base. Without this you are really just a beer drinking nomad, and nobody wants that title. So find a great location pretty close to the entrance to your game and set up shop. Make sure you have a few things such as a tent for shelter from the sun or weather, a table and however many chairs you need for your crew.  

Food is essential to survival so make sure you have enough burgers, brats, chips, ect… to get you through until you walk into the game.  You can only live for about 3 days without water so you want to make sure you are hydrated. Bring a couple gallons of water to rehydrate in between your frosty cold beers. 

Now water is important but a tailgating party would not be worth the effort without the beer and mixed drinks. Make sure you hit the liquor store the day before to pick up the drinks you need for your party so you are not rushing last minute and making mistakes. This could be a disaster so don’t take any chances. 

Game Time Supplies are mandatory so make a list or you won’t be very happy once you leave the party for the game. The number one item people forget is there tickets so put them in a safe place along with your ID, keys, phone, your Blanket , gloves and trusty binoculars. All of these come in handy once you enter to watch the game.  

Finally you have all the basics covered and you need to think about the extras that will make or break your party. Your favorite music and speakers, your favorite football or Frisbee and for a little extra flare maybe a beer hat for some hands free fun.

If you follow these simple instructions and make sure you have all your bases covered you are ready to tailgate like the pros. Now get out there and root on your favorite team, be safe, and have some fun with your favorite tailgating products!