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South Padre Island Spring Break
March is approaching quickly, the school year is almost 3/4 of the way over and any self respecting student is looking forward to getting a few precious days to let loose and blow off some steam. That's right I'm talking about Spring Break. Those 7 days of pure joy and complete lack of all accountability that every college student looks forward to from the second that they receive their school schedule for the new year. There are many places to go like South Padre Island or Cancun for a Spring Break adventure. There are unlimited things to do but no matter how you decide to spend your free time there are certain things that everyone should bring with them to make sure they are prepared and ready to achieve the maximum amount of fun possible.

1. Swim Suits - The official attire of Spring Break is the Swim Suit. You can bring bling it out, or go simple and plain, it doesn’t matter what style you are shooting for just make sure you bring more than one so you have something dry to throw on the next day because odds are you are going to have fun and get wet so be prepared.

2. Sun block - Nothing is worse than looking like a lobster the 2nd day of your trip. Bring the sun block and make sure you use it early and often, you don't want to be stuck in your room rubbing on aloe vera lotion while everyone else is out having the time of their life.  

3. A good hat - Even though we just talked about sun block you should never go out without your hat. Not only will it keep you from getting a nasty burn on the top of your melon but if you choose wisely it can also give you a leg up on your party partners. You can always go with the trusty beer helmet or maybe give the Sombeero party hat a try.  Sombeero beer hats combine the best of what spring Break has to offer, a Sombrero to keep you cool and out of the sun with the ability to carry several beers hands free inside the hat. Whatever you decide don’t forget your hat. 

4. Sunglasses - This should be a no brainer but don't forget your shades. If it is sunny which for your sake I hope it is, make sure you wear your shades to give you that added kick of style and comfort. If you are in a great place like South Padre Island for Spring Break, the sun reflects of the water and can be pretty annoying if you are not prepared. You don't want to be called squints all week do you? Bring your sunglasses, enough said.

5. Phone - This is a must for any spring break scenario. There are many reasons to bring your phone ranging from taking a couple pictures to needing to call for a ride because you have no idea why or how you woke up in a trash can outside Tommy Bahamas on the far side of town. No matter what you do make sure to bring your phone.

6. Water - We can keep this one simple. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. You will feel a lot better all week if you stay hydrated. 

7. Advil - The smallest item on the list but certainly not the least valuable. Make sure to bring your Advil, not Tylenol with you. Advil is Ibuprofen and should not damage your liver if you are drinking all week. Be kind to your liver and don't take Tylenol, you will thank yourself later.

Now that you have the basics taken care of you are ready to get down to business and have a great Spring Break. Finally make sure to bring a great attitude your sense of adventure and for goodness sake people be safe and use your head when you drink.  
Sombeero Beer Drinking Hat
Holds 24 oz of liquid - Beer, Margaritas or Mixed Drinks recommended for most fun!

Easy to use. Just pour your favorite drink in the top of the sombrero and drink from the attached tube. Perfect for Spring Break and the beach!!